Daily Challenge: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

Hurray! Another prompt that I don’t want to write about, mostly because these things tend to be topics of conversation that I tend to avoid in order to make myself seem like an uncultured and unreasonably paranoid twenty-something. Regardless, I said I would commit to this challenge, and I hate dropping out of something no one but myself is putting pressure upon

1.  Heights: I once applied to another round-the-world trip in which I would get to blog about myself doing all these things on my bucket list around the world. A long story short, I didn’t get it, and although it was ultimately disappointing, a part of me is happy I didn’t. “But why?!?!” you may ask me, “Why are you happy you didn’t get another shot at world travel and blogging?” Because of bungee jumping. And sky diving. And jumping off cliffs into pools of water, and base jumping, and anything else that involves me throwing myself off of an unsurvivable height only to be saved by inanimate material. It seems that anyone who has an international bucket list for some reason enjoys feeling gravity hurtle their body towards the ground or other solid object that should surely end their existence. Not this guy; even standing close to a window on the 33rd floor of some building will make me want to vomit.

2.  Human Centipede: A dear friend once showed me a trailer to this movie, and I had to watch several Disney movies to attempt to bleach out the images from my mind. The TRAILER to this movie has been forever seared into my mind, and I would never hope for anyone else to see it. It’s so horrifying, I won’t even dignify it with a link. Wait, what am I trying to say about this? Oh, right. I’m absolutely terrified of ever having to watch this movie, whether being peer pressured into it or on a date. Case in point: if I ever AM pressured into watching it with friends or a date, I have to know immediately that a) I spend time with the wrong friends or b) this relationship will never pan out for either of us.

3.  Tales from the Crypt: I’m sure that now, had I a normal childhood and my parents didn’t force me to cover my eyes whenever something scary on screen was about to happen, I would be able to watch this show. Purportedly being quality television from the 90s, this show probably follows under the concept of having good and wholesome scares (i.e., Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark, that one Lizzie Borden episode of Boy Meets World, etc.). But I ask you: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?


With only the face a mother’s blind mother could love, The Crypt Keeper had an infamous jingle that any mother, father, aunt, or uncle will still sing to me just to get a reaction. The leave-the-room-immediately-in-a-state-of-embarrassment-and-humility kind of reaction.

4.  Having to settle/facing the inevitable and being alone forever/living out the rest of my years as Uncle Josh with the Stamp Collection: I kind of saved this for the middle of the post, so anyone who reads the beginning and end won’t read my deep-seated worry. I figure this one kind of explains itself. If not, there may be a future post on it. Note: I actually don’t collect stamps. Not yet.

5.  The Evil Dead (2013): Same reasons as the Human Centipede. Gross gross gross. Except I watched this trailer and didn’t suffer attacks of paranoia, so it’s ranked much lower on things I fear. A razor to the tongue? Vines that go up one female’s unmentionables? Pencils in the Achilles’ heel? Count me out. Just as long as I don’t travel to some remote cabin in the woods with friends and read from a book with specific warnings to NOT READ THE BOOK ALOUD, I’m fine. Right?

6.  Deep water. Regardless of how many swimming lessons my parents paid for in my youth, I can still say that I will never be able to tread water. I sink like a skinny boys’ ego at a bodybuilding competition. I remember when Anthony had pulled the pool noodle from underneath me at the deep end at the pool, and how helpless I felt in trying to find solid ground to stand on in 12 feet deep water. Don’t get me wrong; I can swim from one end of the pool to another, but my breathing instinctively panics when forced underwater.

Care for a swim?

7.  Future. Or lack thereof. Um, have you spoken to any twenty-something?


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