GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world!

You must play this game. Click the link above, or click here.

As someone who loved traveling around the world and getting lost, every now and then I’ll get a hankering to pack up my bags and do it all again. Unfortunately due to the current economy, world travel for extended periods of time isn’t going to happen anytime soon.


So when I found out about GeoGuessr, I couldn’t help but try it.

I was floored.

Seen through the Google Street View perspective, you’re thrown into a random location on our beautiful little blue planet. Using the navigation markers, roam around and try to figure out where you are with street signs, vegetation, animal, and other cues (I’ve noticed it helps to figure out which side of the road a car is driving). Higher scores for each round are awarded based on how far your guess is from the actual location. There are five rounds in all, so be ready to abuse that little clicker on your keyboard or mouse.

Do people use a computer mouse anymore?

Oh, and no cheating. Don’t use Google to search for keywords. Just use what you know.


  • You get to travel the world. Sort of.
  • You get to use your noggin. Fun and educational? Count me in.
  • You can pretend to be on The Amazing Race, but without the sweat and yelling and panicking.
  • Even better, you can pretend to be Carmen Sandiego.


  • It’s addicting.
  • It took me almost an hour to play through five rounds my first time.
  • If you are pretending to be Carmen Sandiego, you unfortunately don’t have a red trench coat. Yet.

Happy clicking, learning, and navigating.


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