Daily Challenge: Ten things that make you really happy

In no particular order.

    1. Reunions. There’s hugging. Maybe a little bit of crying. A lot of remembering. Mostly excited jumping and a lot of catching up. There are friends you haven’t seen in years and friends you haven’t seen in a few hours. But every time you do get together to have a few drinks or  a picnic or a sleepover, there’s this uncontrollable smile that makes its way to your face before you can stop it.
    2. Birthdays. There’s something magical in celebrating the day some woman ejected a baby out of her body from year to year. Perhaps it’s the fact that someone so special has been in your life, or maybe it’s just the fact that they’ve survived another year on this planet. Whatever the reason, it makes me feel all tingly inside knowing that the birthday boy or girl is recognized at least once that year. Everyone deserves that.
    3. Summer. Shorts. Longboards. Barbecues. Lazy days filled with ice and alcohol and trips to the beach. Any shenanigans. Once labeled as a summer spirit, I like to think that summer was meant for recharging on happy memories just before the tough days of winter come back.
    4. Dinner partiesAlthough I like pretending that we’re more adult than we actually are, I love seeing my friends slaving away at something we know will be classy and delicious.
    5. Well-fitting clothesI mean, this is only the proof and product of committed months in the gym, diet, or general change in lifestyle.
    6. TravelThe happiest I ever remember being on my own. Adventure, novelty, and general losing-of-one’s-way. I met strangers who would forever change the way I saw myself and the world.
    7. Night skies. I used to sit with my cousin and sister and wonder who was looking back at us from another star. I had my first kiss while talking about constellations and looking up at them. Sometimes I’ll look up and see a flying paper lantern or a satellite and realize that we and our problems are so miniscule compared to everything out there.
    8. Hand-holding. So frighteningly intimate, this small gesture says a lot more than words could.
    9. Sleeping on my shoulder. Consider me a happy guy if I find you falling asleep on my shoulder. Yes, I know this one is a little cinematic and dramatic, but to know that you’ve trusted your unconscious life to me for a brief moment means the world to me.
    10. Puppies!!!  From my experience, dogs will love you for a person they think you are. I promised myself that I would adopt a dog by the time I turn 30 as a constant remind to always strive to become that person.

Ugh. I’ve thought of more. Blast.


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