In which I highlight things I’ve eaten, experienced, or obsessed over in the recent week.

  • One of my roommates always points out how I cook “Food Network Shit,” 3 times a day, 7 days per week. Do I? I’m not sure how much skill is actually required to toast bread, cut up an avocado, grill onions, and cook a couple eggs.

Julia Child Noms.

  • I love kites, I love surfing (or at least pretending that I could do it), I love suits, and I love reading GQ. But I’ve never wanted to do all four at the same time until I saw this video:
  • As an avid reader of Thought Catalog, I realize that one has to take everything he/she reads online with a particularly large grain of salt. Regardless, after reading this article, I’m deeply reconsidering all aspirations to “just be a writer.”
  • The 4th of July happened this past weekend. I made beer-soaked brats and onions. They were incredible.

Something on the left. True beauty on the right.

  • This. Guy. I’m not a big fan of Lana Del Ray, but I do love me some Gatsby. She sings Gatsby and Daisy’s theme song in Baz Luhrmann’s recent adaptation of the American classic, and it’s good n’ catchy. But Eli Lieb’s cover (and you’ll all soon learn that I love me some covers) transcends beauty.
  • A recent article purportedly shot down the art of wine-tasting, claiming it to be a ‘junk science.’ While a part of me (Budget Josh!) is glad, and now can justify the $4.99 bottle I bring to dinner parties, another part of me (College-Educated Josh!) wants to read the study performed that led the writer to jump to this conclusion. A third part of me (Wine-o Josh!) wants to personally recreate the experiment, but this might just be me wanting a glass of wine.
  • I’ve become much more of a whiskey drinker (as in, I can drink it and not want to vomit). The 4th of July further reinforced the belief that I could be one. Like one of those guys who drinks it just on the rocks. Maybe I should start writing posts on whiskey…

Red Stag by Jim Beam. Cherry-infused deliciousness.

  • I’m supposed to see this guy tonight, performing in a church. I’ve never heard of him before, but this track makes me want to cry. Or at least fight a good number of people to see him:


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