In which I highlight things that have bettered me.

  • Once upon a time, one month ago, I returned from a road trip with a handful of dear friends to Montreal in which we spent most of our time planning snacks and dinners. Instead of photographing the entire experience, I decided to video record it. Then I decided to make a small video series of it. The first two episodes below:
  • I’m considering investing in a subscription to the New Yorker. I know you can read most articles for free online these days, but as of lately, I haven’t been catching up with the news. I figure I’m paying for motivation to better myself through current events. Right? Thoughts?
  • Same question, except for a subscription to GQ. I mean, if I want to write for them one day, it’s a good idea to start reading them now? Sigh… so much money I don’t have.
  • There’s a new whiskey in my life right now. More details on it, but here’s a mixed summer drink a friend and I made:
Candian Spicebox Whiskey in muddled peaches and lime with ginger ale.

Candian Spicebox Whiskey in muddled peaches and lime with ginger ale.

  • I apparently went to a healthy college. THE Healthy College, in fact. Too bad I never took advantage of their club sports.
  • Ironically, a city I’d like to live in before my untimely demised what just announced to be THE snobbiest city in the US. Which one?
  • For anyone who still considers himself a “Nice Guy” who can’t seem to catch a break. Hurray! Another Thought Catalog Article in which I get too hopeful in my romantic endeavors.
  • My feelin’ sexy song of the week. Enjoy.

  • I’m not much of a reality TV guy, but if it’s on Discovery Channel, I can’t think that it’s going to be of higher quality. But I’ve been obsessed with The Colony, in which a group of doctors, engineers, and personal trainers recreate society during the post-apocalypse. Watch them filter dirty river city water, charge car batteries, and get robbed by feaux marauders. I watch the episodes on Netflix, but I’m sure there’s an illegal tv streaming website somewhere near by.
  • AND POSSIBLY THE COOLEST THING I’VE FOUND SO FAR, a site for random creative tools and challenges for writing. Now that I’ve decided that writing a novel is one of my Life Goals, I’m happy to know that there’s a bunch of random generators for Writer’s Block. Visit this site.

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