Thanks to this new office job with non-9-5 hours, my writing schedule is completely thrown off! But here are a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to tell you!

  • GQ has a food critic who’s compiled a list of the 50 best things to eat this year in the US. I’m offended that there’s only one restaurant in Chicago but it involves lobster. As an ex-New-England student, this choice has won me over. Anyone want to join me in going to Goosefoot
  • As per the suggestion of a dear friend of mine, I joined OKCupid. Again. I have conflicting feelings on this, especially since my first attempt at online dating shattered my expectations at everything Disney Romance related. Like Paperman? I want that!  But there’s no way I’ll get to follow a thousand paper planes across the interwebs… Right?
  • FREE MUSIC. I’m normally not one who clicks on those ads on the side of Facebook, but this one is promising. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of James Bay before, but I’m enjoying the uber mellow acoustics on his free (!) EP you can get here. Legally. You can also donate/”tip” for your free download, of which 100% of the tip will go to WaterAid UK.
  • THERE IS A SUIT YOU CAN CLEAN IN THE SHOWER. Of course this is groundbreaking technology only the Japanese could think of! They’ve come out with a suit, shirt, pants, and shoes that you can rinse in the shower. This almost makes me want to go corporate.
  • The previous point being said, I’m thinking of investing in a can of NeverWet. I’m just afraid of what would happen if I got some on myself:

  • I think I focus a lot of my free time reading about food. But an article was just put out listing the 17 Best Taco Joints in Chicago, and I’ve realized I’m well on my way through eating at a bunch of them. Anyone care to join me?
  • This video that Upworthy recently shared makes me want to not make a lot of money. Although I can easily say I won’t be affected the way the subjects were in this experiment, I rethink my (not-so-long-gone) days of Monopoly and Sorry! and realize I’m no better than anyone else. Take a couple minutes and learn how your altruism is essentially influenced by your income and success.
  • THIS VIDEO. I’m a huge fan of TasteMade on YouTube, and what they’re doing for the cooking community online. There was an India food tour installment almost half a year ago (and anyone who knows me knows I have a HUGE soft spot for Indian food), but now they’ve gone ahead and made an Italy version (I’m sure they’re just recreating the Eat, Pray, Love experience). Please, someone take me for pasta, pizza, gelato, olive oil… Pretty much everything.

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