In which I highlight potential projects, somewhat interesting current events, and mostly faded celebrities’ attempts at reintroducing themselves into the scene.

  • I have no shame in the fact that I stumbled upon this DIY Mom blog entry regarding homemade skinny ties; let’s pretend I have the steady hands and patience of a middle aged mother of six to go ahead and make these. Pictures soon to follow. Note: this probably means I should invest in a sewing kit, an iron, and probably a good handful of hours to try out this project.
  • Imagine going on a date with a friend just on the sole fact that you are both so horribly alone. Now extend that experience to 40 days, in which you both document your experiences, insecurities, and successes (dare I say sexcesses) online. Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman took on the 40 Days of Dating project earlier this year, and are finally posting their results. They’re about halfway through their experience (dare I say sexperiences), and after reading about 5 of the entries, I can safely say that it’s horrendously refreshing to hear both sides of the same forced love story.
  • NICK CARTER IS PRODUCING A HORROR MOVIE. At the moment, he’s more than halfway to raising the minimum budget for Evil Blessings, and considering the IndieGoGo fundraising site has been open for less than a day, he’s doing surprisingly well. While a part of me is interested in eventually seeing how awful this movie may or may not be, a larger part of me will always stick to his guns and refuse to see anything horror in theaters. If it gets that far.
  • I don’t like admitting that I read Buzzfeed; I know it’s full of opinions and updates on current pop culture (that sounds somewhat familiar), but in the end, I think it’s accurately more like the popcorn of the current events grocery store. You’re not proud to have taken it in, but it was available, and it was a lot easier to get through than the filet mignon of CNN or the cheese platter of The New Yorker. Regardless, I’m happy that this article on the reasons to visit Maine was published. As someone who spent a solid four years there for college, it’s good to see the “What the hell is there?” state get some recognition and affirmation in pop culture.
  • My thoughts on Buzzfeed pretty much apply to ThoughtCatalog. I do like how we are reading the thoughts of our generation, and it’s reassuring to see how many starving writers in New York are equally worried about being alone for the rest of their lives as I am. That being said, this article (with videos!) showing a social experiment in which 100 guys react to a woman asking for sex, and how 100 women react to a guy asking for sex is. The results are far from surprising, but the writer claims that her “My mind is blown at the results. So interesting and telling to compare and contrast the different sexes responses here.” You tell me.
  • OKCupid has already proved itself more than disappointing (again), but (once again) I’ve found myself unable to stop checking the damn thing every time I start my laptop. Someone help.
  • I don’t use roll-on deodorant; I’ve found a pleasant substitute in post-shower body powder and deodorant spray (sorry ozone layer!) which has resulted in far less (if any) deodorant stains on my shirts. A recent article in Esquire followed a man’s 10-day journey in giving up any and all scented soaps/shampoos to find his scent. Supposedly, a participating research lab could determine a subject’s gender, sexual orientation, age, and any currently carried diseases based off of a person’s odor print. I’ll admit that while it sounds interesting, I’d rather want to read the scientific journals that have helped this scientist determine certain results. Can I say that something just smells fishy?
  • I want to introduce you to The Gay Men Project, in which a photographer documents, well, gay men. In their homes. Looking indifferent. While this reminds me of Jeff Sheng’s Fearless Project (who actually visited my school way back in the day), which focuses on out gay athletes, it’s nice to be reminded that not all gay men are incredibly jacked and sweaty.
  • I’ve invested in this book. A project I’m super excited to start will grow from this. Updates to be had!
  • Warning: Spoilers… As someone who’s been completely behind the Doctor Who rollercoaster and has watched all modern seven seasons in the past 3 months, I’m glad to say that I HAVE CAUGHT UP. And more importantly, I AM SO HORRIBLY LOST. Especially with the John Hurt (who plays Mr. Ollivander in the Harry Potter series) twist at the end of the seventh season. So after a bit of Googling and blog searching, I found this article, which makes his character make sense in the Doctor Who timeline, but may ultimately give away some surprises in the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special/Eighth season.
  • In an incredibly bold move, Gentleman Idols Jay Z and Justin Timberlake have canceled their Florida concerts until further investigations are published in the Trayvon Martin shooting. Sign the petition; only 100 names are needed.

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